BDSM Negotiations Surveys


The world of fetish and BDSM is an exciting world with lots of facets and dark corners.  It's a world full of mystery, wonder and possibly fear for the uninitiated.  But a world of possibility, acceptance and wonderment for those that enter in with honesty and an open mind.  Along with the excitement come risks.  You have been directed here as a preamble to possible entry into this world at least for a time with me.  My goal is to make this journey what you want it to be in as safe, sane and consensual manner as is possible. 

In order to make our time together meaningful and safe as possible, I need to know some very personal things about you.  I will not play with you for a moment without an open and honest dialogue.  Further, to make this time with you the most it can be I must get inside your head (think: very personal stuff about you).  I cannot remove every element of risk, but will do everything I can to make your time exhilarating and as safe as possible.

This page and it's surveys are designed to allow you time to reflect on what you like, don't like, what scares you, what your limits are as well as what health and emotional risks need to be taken into account.  This is called negotiation.  These are the instructions for my negotiation surveys.  Please read the following instructions carefully and complete the surveys as instructed.


These surveys are meant for interaction with SirKindWolf.  If you were sent here, then welcome.  If you are here of your own accord, you are welcome to do the surveys.  It will give you an option to send yourself the results which you may share with someone with whom you are negotiating.  However, unless I sent you here, I will not respond to the data submitted.

There are 3 surveys on this page.  I need all 3 surveys completed: Health, Fun Stuff and Activity Survey - Long.  Each survey is extremely important.  I will very likely discuss what I find in here with you depending on how much we have already talked and I feel like I may have already deduced.  We will certainly talk about my expectations and limits before proceeding with any relationship or play.

Don't short circuit these surveys, you will only be cheating yourself out of a fantastic journey.

I will never share anything in this survey with another soul without your approval, period.

Fill out the Health Survey when you can take your time to relax and think clearly.

The Fun Survey and Activity Survey must be filled out when you are in a position to get aroused and let your mind run to the erotic and sensual side of the fence.  It's very difficult to think about what you like and what may be a limit when you mind is stuck on a problem at work and everything seems like a put-off.  I strongly recommend you be in a state that you find arousing thinking about the possible outcomes that all this may yield. 


Please allow an hour to fill this activity survey out.  Questions are divided into 6 equal sections.